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SEO Friendly Website Designing Services

Website Designing Company

SEO Friendly Website Desining Services

A stitch in time saves nine. This saying holds very true when it comes to designing a SEO friendly website. The ultimate aim of any website is to market the company and its products/ services in an effective manner, which can be done with a fool-proof SEO strategy. At 360Website - SEO friendly website designing company in Thane, Mumbai, this goal is remembered when we build a website from scratch, and design it in such a way that it adheres to the requirements of search engines. We make sure that at a later stage there are no changes required to enhance SEO.The very first step undertaken by our website designers while creating SEO-friendly websites is taking care of keywords.

Since, a search engine crawler spots the keywords for ranking the websites, these words need to be chosen very cautiously.

While placing keywords, we pay special attention to the features including:-

  • Headings
  • Meta Tags
  • Website Slogans
  • Footer Links
  • URL's
  • Main body copy
  • Internal links

There is nothing worse than having to change the entire structure and content later on, realising that the keywords are not giving the desired results.

SEO Friendly Website Designing Services

Another point that is considered by our website designers is that the page load time needs to be kept as low as possible. We utilize a number of techniques like using a simple background, keeping the number of images low and using text on plain background. The search engine crawlers have difficulty in reading text that is written on images. So, we ensure that the search engine crawlers are your friends for life. Another thing that is paid due attention by our website designing professionals is the easy navigation of your website. We excel in interlinking the website content in a way, making it easy for the search engines to locate critical matter and web pages. Moreover, we also name the labels making it easy for your customers to reach you.

At 360 Website- SEO friendly website designing company, we are aware of the changes that occur in the search engine algorithms every now and then. Hence, you can surely trust us for the creation of your dynamic and SEO friendly website that can guarantee you a high page ranking on all the major search engine results pages.

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It has been a smooth journey working with 360 Website Design in getting our website from conception stage to live

I must praise Anurag, my account manager. My website is 100% what I had dreamt of.

360Website is a professional company who stood with us while we were designing and developing our E commerce shopping portal

Website Designing Company
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