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Website Page Speed Improvement Services

Did you know that a website gets only about 10 seconds to sell itself to a visitor? If the index page of the website takes long to load, then it is likely that the viewer will navigate away from the page, just with a click. So, it is necessary to reduce the waiting time for the viewers of the website in order to get better traffic and higher popularity.

Low page load time is also necessary for ensuring effectiveness of the SEO techniques. In the race to the top five positions on SERP, you cannot afford to be slow.

The algorithms of search engines like Google stress on a low load time and give a higher rank to websites that are faster. The golden rule to beat your competitors is to have an impressive, yet simple website. Too many images, unnecessary files and flash effects increase the load time and push down the website on search results. If required, smaller images that open up fast must be chosen for logos and branding.

At 360 Website, we do the following:-
  • We use Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks for
    optimizing the images.
  • We do the coding in order to minimize the loading time. Unnecessary codes are eliminated, as are blank spaces between codes. The codes in Java scripts are used sparingly, as they make a website heavy. All coding is placed collectively so as to save space and time.
  • We minimize the content limit so as to help the pages load faster. This also eliminates the need to compress huge files and long pages, which becomes time- consuming.

360 Website considers placement of the website content ascrucial. Style sheet references are ideally placed at the top, while script references are best put at the bottom, as they act as a hindrance for other elements and make the page slow. While these techniques make the website SEO friendly, they also enhance the user experience. Contact us today tp avail website page speed improvement services.


It has been a smooth journey working with 360 Website Design in getting our website from conception stage to live

I must praise Anurag, my account manager. My website is 100% what I had dreamt of.

360Website is a professional company who stood with us while we were designing and developing our E commerce shopping portal

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